Quick Answer: What Is The Cheapest UTV?

UTVs are so popular because they have distinct advantages over other 4 wheeled off road vehicles.

They have a small footprint with great power to weight ratio, can carry passengers, which families enjoy, and provide more safety features than vehicles like ATVs.

Side by sides are FUN!.

What is the cheapest 4 seater side by side?

The cheapest side-by-sides divided into the categories of Utility, Sport/Recreation, and Extreme Performance are as follows Utility: Kawasaki Mule 4000 – $9,999, Sports/Recreation: Can-Am Commander Max DPS – $14,299, and Extreme Performance: Polaris RZR S4 1000 – $19,599.

What is the markup on UTV?

You can expect as low as 3% all the way up to 8% markup on a new ATV. Side by Sides can have more markup, especially on the higher end ones. Just like the lower end ATVs, the low-end SXS and UTVs don’t have much in the way of mark up either. It’s almost laughable when you see dealer invoice on a 450cc or Youths ATV.

Are Hisun UTV any good?

All in all the reviews seem to be good. The Hisun side-by-side’s seem to be durable and reliable. They are a happy medium for UTV consumers who want fun and efficient UTVs without breaking the bank.

How much does a used side by side cost?

Average costs range between $3,695-$22,135. The most common influences of UTV prices are its model, make, year, condition and any added features that the vehicle may contain.

Who makes the most reliable UTV?

CF Moto ZFORCE 800: $9,999. Polaris Ranger 570: $9,999….Here are the five best UTVs available right now in no particular order, and what about them puts them on this list.YAMAHA WOLVERINE X2 R-SPEC.TEXTRON WILDCAT XX.CAN-AM MAVERICK SPORT 1000R.POLARIS RANGER XP 1000 CREW.CFMOTO ZFORCE 1000 EPS LX.

Should I buy a UTV?

Those that need a more utilitarian work vehicle. UTVs tend to be, surprise, more utilitarian than ATVs. In addition to higher payload capacities, UTVs usually have more storage room to haul around whatever equipment you may need. Additionally, the more comfortable ride of a UTV can be helpful during a long day of work.

Who makes the best 4 seater UTV?

The 5 Best 4 Seater Side-by-SidesPolaris RZR XP 4 Turbo EPS.Can-Am Maverick MAX X ds Turbo.Polaris RZR XP 4 1000.Arctic Cat Wildcat 4X.Can-Am Commander MAX DPS.

What side by sides are 50 inches wide?

Polaris’ RZR 900 EPS beat the Wildcat 700 Trail XT in our January 2016, 50-inch shootout, but Can-Am’s Maverick Trail 1000 DPS is a much more formidable 50-inch opponent.

What is the best side by side for the money?

The most versatile and economically friendly side-by-sides on the market today are:Kawasaki Mule SX XC – $8,399.Honda Pioneer 500 – $9,599.Polaris Ranger 500 – $8,999.Can-Am Defender HD5-$9,999.Polaris ACE 570SP: $9,999.CF Moto ZFORCE 800: $9,999.Polaris Ranger 570: $9,999.Kymco UXV450: $7,999.More items…

Is a side by side worth the money?

That Said, Is It Worth the Investment? If you love spending your free time taking on the toughest trails, from mountain passes to desert dunes and everything in between, then the answer is a resounding yes. RZRs are purpose-built to conquer any obstacles you put in front of them.

Why are UTV so expensive?

So, why are side by sides so expensive? The main reason for the high cost is the improvement in the performance of UTVs and the increase in their available accessories, add-ons and luxuries.

What is considered high mileage for a UTV?

5.000 miles5.000 miles can be considered as high mileage for a UTV. With good maintenance and service, a UTV can last for thousands of miles. There is no exact number of how many miles and how long your UTV can last.

In fact, most states allow counties and towns to set their own standards, and Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Texas, Minnesota, Wyoming, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, North and South Dakota, Washington, Michigan, Kentucky, Nebraska, Ohio, Vermont, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Tennessee and Colorado (HB15-1054) have laws …

How do I choose a UTV?

The size of the engine will effect how much power a UTV has. A larger engine will have more power than a smaller one but the larger engine will cost more. If you want lightening fast acceleration or plan on hauling passengers and lots of gear go for a 900-1000cc engine. The extra power will be welcomed.