Quick Answer: What Happened To Lou And Jared On Car Fix?

How old is Lou Santiago?

57 years (May 27, 1963)Lou Santiago/Age.

Where is Lou Santiago from car fix?

Rest assured, wherever cable TV star Lou Santiago goes, sparks are sure to fly. He’s lived in the South Bronx, Long Island, Gulfport, San Diego and (now) North Carolina.

What is Jared Zimmerman doing now?

He Has A New Job According to a Facebook page created by fans of CarFix, Jared may have returned to the Illinois-based shop, Rad Rides by Troy where he has worked previously. Jared is even involved in helping Rad Rides create new content for their Amazon Prime series.

Where is car fix filmed?

Brenton Studios are conveniently located just 20 minutes from the Tampa International Airport.

Who are the new guys on car fix?

Car Fix will feature an all-new cast led by award-winning builders Bryan Fuller (Overhaulin’, Two Guys Garage, Biker Build-Off); and Jeremy Bumpus, (Truck Tech).