Quick Answer: What Does Burgeoning Mean?

What is a dalliance relationship?

English Language Learners Definition of dalliance : an action that is not serious.

literary : a romantic or sexual relationship that is brief and not serious..

What does indigo mean?

Indigo is a deep midnight blue. It is a combination of deep blue and violet and holds the attributes of both these colors. … Powerful and dignified, indigo conveys integrity and deep sincerity. The color meaning of indigo reflects great devotion, wisdom and justice along with fairness and impartiality.

What does rollicking mean?

adjective. carefree and joyous: They had a rollicking good time. swaggering; boisterous.

What is the word burgeoning mean?

verb (used without object) to grow or develop quickly; flourish: The town burgeoned into a city. He burgeoned into a fine actor. to begin to grow, as a bud; put forth buds, shoots, etc., as a plant (often followed by out, forth).

What does Rackety mean?

adjective. noisy, rowdy, or boisterous. socially lively and, sometimes, mildly dissolutea rackety life.

What does affably mean?

adjective. pleasantly easy to approach and to talk to; friendly; cordial; warmly polite: an affable and courteous gentleman.

How do you use burgeoning in a sentence?

Thanks to the burgeoning of technology and social media, public opinion is the most powerful political force in the world today. The area is flourishing with a burgeoning artists community, and a plethora of cultural attractions that is constantly drawing in new residents.

What does Bane mean?

The noun bane refers to anything that is a cause of harm, ruin, or death. But we often use it for things that aren’t that bad, just feel like it. You might say mosquitoes are the bane of your existence.

What is a burgeoning relationship?

A burgeoning relationship (which I define as the first three months) is so filled with infatuation and (for some) physical interaction that it’s natural to feel the overwhelming positive wave that comes with the hope that the right person has finally arrived.

What does flattery mean?

the act of flattering. a flattering compliment or speech; excessive, insincere praise.

When a girl says she is flattered What does that mean?

That means it made her feel good, which she is thankful for, but she doesn’t feel the same. … As upsetting as it may be, it’s a pretty polite way of getting her own current feelings (or lack of) across and it is your turn to try to respect that as she tried with yours.

What is the meaning of scrounging?

transitive verb. 1 : steal, swipe. 2a : to get as needed by or as if by foraging, scavenging, or borrowing scrounging enough money for a bus ticket. b : finagle, wheedle —often used with up.

Is Rackety a word?

Definition of ‘rackety’ lacking restraint, caution, etc.; intemperate, reckless, irresponsible, etc. Collins!

Is flattery good or bad?

Flattery (also called adulation or blandishment) is the act of giving excessive compliments, generally for the purpose of ingratiating oneself with the subject. … Many associations with flattery, however, are negative.

Is being flattered a good thing?

It is effective, because everyone has insecurities and loves to be told great things about themselves. Flattery is particularly common during dating and in new relationships, but usually wears off as relationships settle into commitment and reality.

What does Menace mean?

noun. something that threatens to cause evil, harm, injury, etc.; a threat: Air pollution is a menace to health. a person whose actions, attitudes, or ideas are considered dangerous or harmful: When he gets behind the wheel of a car, he’s a real menace.