Quick Answer: How Do We Use Either?

What is either or in grammar?

1.Either / or – used in a sentence in the affirmative sense when referring to a choice between two possibilities.

We can either eat now or after the show – it’s up to you.


Neither / nor – used in a sentence in the negative sense when you want to say that two or more things are not true..

Is it correct to say me either?

Therefore “me either” is not grammatically correct. However, it is common to use “Me either” to agree with a negative statement (share something you both don’t do or have) while “Me too” is used to agree with a positive statement (both share something in common). Informal usage: I don’t like wine.

How can I use either in a sentence?

Either sentence examplesEither situation might be the case. … You must either jump overboard into the sea or be slain with your own sword. … He put a hand on either side of her. … Besides, there was nothing to be gained in either case by saying anything – to either of you. … There was no insult on either side. … It hasn’t been easy – for either of us.More items…

What part of speech is either and or?

Either is a determiner, a pronoun, an adverb or a conjunction. … … We can use either with or as a conjunction to connect two clauses: …

How do you use either?

Either and neither can be used in several ways: adverbs, determiners, pronouns and conjunctions. While ‘either’ has a positive connotation, ‘neither’ holds a negative significance. You will always find them paired up this way: either/or and neither/nor. These are the ways you can find them being used.

How do you use either and/or in a sentence?

Either/or – used together to offer a choice between two things. For example: You can either call me at home or the office. Either mum or dad will come to pick you up.

What is an example of either or?

An example of either or is when you are offered either spaghetti or cereal for dinner and are different between the two so you say “either or” to indicate that both would work. Describing a situation in which there are only two choices.

What is another word for either or?

What is another word for either?anywhicheverwhichever comes to handeacheveryallno matter whatevery singlefor anyeach and every4 more rows

Can either mean both?

In general, it turns out that sometimes either is distributive, essentially meaning both or all, and sometimes it is exclusionary and so applies to just one out of the set. Your question is whether it would be understood to mean just one or if it would mean two in the sentence: Either of these options will do.

Can a sentence start with either?

Yes, of course, a sentence can start with “either.” “Either Goku or Vegeta won the fight in Dragon Ball Z.” “Either you come home before 6, or I’m not going to the party – and that’s final!”

What kind of conjunction is either or?

Correlative conjunctionsCorrelative conjunctions work in pairs to join together words or phrases that have equal importance within a sentence, like “either/or”, “such/that” and “not only/but also”.

Could go either way meaning?

—used to say that either of two possible results is likely to occur and that neither is more likely than the otherI don’t know who’s going to win. The game could go either way.

What is the means of either?

Definition of either (Entry 3 of 4) —used as a function word before two or more coordinate words, phrases, or clauses joined usually by or to indicate that what immediately follows is the first of two or more alternativescan be used either as a guest room or as an office. either. adverb.

What does either or mean?

adjective. allowing no equivocation; being limited in choice to two options: It’s an either-or situation—you pay the bill or you lose the company’s services.

Why do we use either?

Either referring to two choices or possibilities We can use either as a determiner before a noun to talk about two choices or possibilities. The noun that follows either must be a singular countable noun: Personally, I don’t like either jacket.