Question: Do You Have To Pay For A Digital Tachograph?

Who is exempt from using tachograph?

Digital Tachograph Exemptions A vehicle whose gross vehicle weight is not more than 3.5 tonnes.

A vehicle with between 10 and 17 seats (including driver’s seat) used exclusively for the non-commercial carriage of passengers.

A vehicle with a maximum authorised speed not exceeding 40kph..

Are gritters Tacho exempt?

Gritters and snow ploughs are also specifically exempt from operator licensing when used for the purpose of clearing snow, or spreading grit or salt and when travelling to or from the depot to the place where the work is carried out.

How often do you have to download digital tachographs?

every 28 daysBy law you are required to download driver smartcards at least every 28 days and vehicle unit data every 90 days. Ideally you should download driver cards and vehicle units more frequently to ensure you have regular backups of your data and any infringements can be spotted and dealt with quickly.

Who is exempt from tachograph rules?

The main types of exempt vehicle are: vehicles that cannot go faster than 40 kilometres per hour, including vehicles that are restricted by a set speed limiter. emergency aid vehicles – vehicles used in the non-commercial transport of humanitarian aid for use in emergencies or rescue operations.

Who needs a tachograph?

A tachograph is a recording device built into any vehicle with a gross mass of 3,500kg or above – regardless of trailer – a tachograph must be fitted and used when the journey is in scope of EC drivers’ hours rules. Tachographs are designed to record driver work hours, rest periods and vehicle data.

What is the maximum fine for not using a tachograph if you require one?

Maximum finesOffencePenaltyFailure to use a tachographLevel 5 fineFailure to hand over tachograph records as requested by an enforcement officerLevel 5 fineFalse entry or alteration of a record with the intent to deceiveOn summary conviction Level 5 fine or on indictment 2 years’ imprisonment5 more rows•Feb 23, 2016

How long do Tacho infringements last?

A: Most tachograph infringements are dealt with by way of a fixed penalty. Drivers have up to 28 days to consider any fixed penalties issued to them. The severity of the fine will be proportional to the seriousness of the infringement.

Do you need a tacho for private use?

As stated businesses need to be aware that in order to comply with the law they must have a fitted tachograph unit to some of their vehicles, and obey the driver hours regulations. … Note that the private use of these vehicles to tow a caravan will not require a tachograph to be fitted.

How long does it take to get a digital tachograph card?

Your tachograph driver card will be sent to your home address. Replacement driver cards should be issued within five working days of receiving a valid application. First applicants and renewals should be received within 15 working days from the day of DVLA receiving the application.

Introduced in 1985 to record speed, distance and driver activity, tachographs are an established safety feature and a legal requirement for commercial vehicles with a weight in excess of 3,500 kgs (approx. … The fitting of smart tachographs will become a legal requirement for vehicles registered after 15 June 2019.

Can I hire a 7.5 ton lorry without a CPC?

DVSA has reminded drivers that they now can’t legally drive a 7.5 tonne truck professionally even if it’s on their driving licence unless they have completed the Driver CPC.

Can I apply for digital tachograph online?

Apply for Digital Tachograph Card Online Apply by completing the DVLA digital tachograph form D777B/DL download. You must use the DVLA D777B(DL) form to get a new digital tachograph driver smart card or renew an expired card.

How much is a digital tachograph card?

Driver cards are available from the DVLA for £32. For more information, call the Tachograph Smart Card helpline on: 0300 790 6109.

Can I apply for a digital tacho card before I pass my test?

APPLYING FOR A DIGITAL TACHOGRAPH DRIVER CARD Applying in good time will ensure there is no delay between passing your practical test and starting a new job.

How do I get a tacho card UK?

Fill in ‘D777B/DL – Application for a digital tachograph driver card’, and post it to DVLA . The address is on the form….How to applychange your name or address on your card.replace a lost, stolen or damaged card.renew an expired card.

Who is responsible for downloading digital tachographs?

Transport Operator responsibilities: Making sure all drivers do all of the above. Having a company card to download the recorded tachograph data. Downloading driver data at least every 28 days.

Can I drive without a digital tachograph card inserted?

In order to be driving without a digital tacho card you must: … You can only drive without a tacho card for a maximum of 15 calendar days. The DVLA is required to issue you a new card within 5 working days, so this should not be a huge problem. If your card has expired, you effectively don’t have one.