Are Short Tube Headers Legal In California?

Can you run straight headers?

Yes, you can run open headers if you wish with no harm to your engine.

I would however take a look at the spark plugs after a few miles to make sure the engine is not running too lean..

I’ll give you the official answer, no you can not. Headers, to be legal could only be shorty style so the factory cats are not affected, further back causes a drop in temperature which effects the operation of the cat.

Do shorty headers pass smog?

Yes, the shorties will pass.

Why are K&N Filters illegal in California?

Air Resources Board investigators discovered that K&N Engineering, based in Riverside, Calif., sold performance parts that had not received exemptions from California’s emissions control system anti-tampering laws. California law prohibits the advertising, sales or installation of parts that modify vehicle emissions …

Do short tube headers increase horsepower?

For shorty headers, the port pipes actually merge into a single exhaust pipe in a much shorter distance. … Longer port pipes result in lower exhaust back pressure. This means improved oxygen intake and a boost in horsepower.

How much horsepower do headers add to a 350?

The length of the primary tubing determines the effective rpm range, but headers can be worth 15-20 hp on the right application. Run on our restrictive two-barrel 350, the headers improved the power output to 248 hp and 365 lb-ft of torque, with consistent gains through the rev range.

Can you pass emissions with headers?

They use the OBD-II self test to determine if the vehicle’s emissions system is up to snuff. In that case, as long as the car does’t report any problems, the vehicle will “pass”. Most people tune out the post-cat O2 sensors and associated codes when they install headers, so the car will appear to be fine.

Can you pass smog with headers in CA?

Will aftermarket headers cause my car to fail the smog test? … Any modification to the headers, intake manifold, or exhaust manifold, including removal of a “Y” tube from the exhaust pipes (if equipped) is considered an emissions tamper.

“Legally” there are NO long tube headers that are smog legal in CA. The reason is, the cats have to be in the stock location, and obviously that isn’t possible with a long tube header. You can have legal shorty headers because the headers stop before the cat, and the cat remains in the stock location.

Can you run open headers?

There’s nothing wrong with running open headers. Lack of backpressure may hurt low end torque a little, but it won’t wreck anything or cause the engine to run poorly.

What sounds better long or short headers?

Unequal length headers offer a deeper rumbling sound and a little more low-end torque, but equal length headers offer greater performance gains consistently.

Can I pass emissions with long tube headers?

Kooks long tubes and GREEN cats should be able to pass emissions in most all areas.

Headers aren’t always illegal, some vehicles come stock with them and most short tube headers are considered legal in most states. … Not only will they make your vehicle louder, but it is also considered tampering with your vehicles emissions, which according to the EPA is illegal under federal law.

Emissions Laws If your car is newer than a 1971 model, you can’t run open headers on the street at any time for any reason. Federal emissions standards went into effect in 1972, so routing untreated exhaust gases past the catalytic converter on any car produced that year or later constitutes an illegal modification.

How much horsepower can Headers add?

10-20 horsepowerIn general, a quality set of headers should provide an increase of approximately 10-20 horsepower, and if you’re restrained with your right foot, you may even see an increase in fuel mileage.